Just as they are for many of us today, the latest technology gadgets were often prized possessions for folks in the past.   Here is a family so pleased with their new-fangled contraptions they wanted their photograph made with them.  The exact date is not known, but based upon the birth years of the children pictured, it was in the mid- to late 1920s. 

William F. McNeill was born in Mitchell County, and his wife Mary England was born in McDowell, both in 1890.  Their son Edward Marshall was born 1911 and daughter Belle was born 1915.  Each child proudly displays a family possession; Belle has a beautiful doll and Marshall sits in front of the family’s typewriter.  A close look suggests that the item at Marshall’s left is a china figurine of some sort.   

Standing beside the Victrola is the family’s housekeeper, “Aunt Ret;” Retta McKinney Silver Stewart was born 1902.  While not identified, the three children in the foreground may be James and Grover McKinney and Howard Lee McNeill.  Also unidentified is the other young man.

Each of the folks in the photo is well dressed and prosperous looking.  Likewise assets for the family are the fine looking horses grazing in the background.  The McNeill family lived on White Oak Creek.