McKinney Cove Baptist Church, constituted 25 February 1888, held services in the community schoolhouse until sufficient funds were raised to build a church.  The land for the church was donated by Samuel and Polly Pitman McKinney.  The first building was constructed in 1910; the current church dates back to 1950. 

Charles H. McKinney (1854-1934) was McKinney Cove Baptist’s longest-serving minister, elected pastor in 1894.  He served actively for 25 years, until his ill health caused the church to call Rev. Charles G. Ellis as assistant pastor in 1919.  Rev. McKinney’s marker in the church cemetery reads “IN THE MINISTRY 45 YEARS; WAS PASTOR OF HIS HOME CHURCH 38 YEARS 10 MONTHS; HIS WORKS LIVETH.”  McKinney is pictured here with his wife Sarah Singleton and granddaughter Edith Byrd.