Ford Motor Company produced 15 million Model T automobiles from October 1, 1908 through May 26, 1927.  They were sometimes referred to as “Tin Lizzies” or a “flivvers.”  Ford Model T’s relied on a removable hand crank in the front of the vehicle until 1920, when the electric starter became more commonplace.

The Model T “has always been well regarded for its all-terrain abilities and ruggedness.  It could travel a rocky, muddy farm lane, cross a shallow stream, or climb a steep hill.”  In addition, the vehicle was even more attractive to mountain residents who often used the engine to drive a bucksaw, electrical generator, etc. 

In 1999, the Model T was named the most significant car of the 20th century because, thanks to its production on Henry Ford’s assembly line, it was the first car affordable for most Americans.  The price of the Model T fell as low as $260, which is about $3,550 in 2017 dollars. 

The man cranking the Model T in this photo is identified as Coy Holder, and the location is “Glen Ayre, 1920s.”  You can see the letters “Taxi” on the windshield of the vehicle.  Does anyone have any info about Coy Holder?