In April 1917, one hundred years ago this month, the United States declared war on Germany. Mitchell Countians joined United States forces as they hoped to fight in a “war to end all wars.” Several groups of enlistees would depart at different times. Pictured above, beside the historic courthouse in Bakersville, is the second group of men to leave for service in World War 1. Not all of the men are identified. A partial list includes: John H. McKinney, Charlie Ramsey, Tane Greene, Talmadge Johnson, Carl Loven, Claude Johnson, Glenn Lawrence, Jeff McKinney, Charlie Winters, Willard Buchanan, Avery Carpenter, George Johnson, Bascom Parsons, Stokes McKinney, Homer McKinney, Lonzo Hall, Charlie Woody (of Hanging Rock), a Mr. Pitman (of Altapass), and a Mr. Thomas. Standing at left is Dr. Smith, the medical examiner. Leaning from the window of the courthouse is Mr. D.W. Greene, Superintendent of Mitchell County Schools. Five Mitchell County men perished in the war. They were Fred N. Cox, Wess R. Ellis, Pvt. Charles E Howell, Homer McKinney, and William F. Ramsey.

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