Joseph Stacy Buchanan (1866-1950) ground wheat and corn for many around Mitchell County.  He caught his right arm in a belt and had to have it amputated above the elbow.  He continued to work at the mill even after he lost his arm.  Stacy Buchanan was the son of William S. and Susannah (Buchanan) Buchanan.  His wife was Emma Delida Wiseman (1874-1958), daughter of Elam and Margaret Young Wiseman.

Buchanan’s grist mill was located just outside Bakersville on the Cane Creek Road.  It was built in the late 19th or early 20th century and was in operation until the late 1930s.  This photo was taken sometime before the mill was torn down in the 1960s; the concrete reservoir remains. 

Photos and info contributed by Louellen Peterson, Stacy Buchanan’s granddaughter.