This photo appeared in the Tri-County News, precursor to the Mitchell News-Journal, on September 13, 1973, with the following caption: “Once again it is apple butter making time in the tri-county area.  Many people still make it the ‘old-timey way’ over an open fire in a big pot.  It takes about 8 hours from the start to the finished product, and it must be stirred constantly.  Pictured left to right are Vicki Shipman, Ethel Pitman, Dwayne Pitman, Mrs. Westveer, Mike Pitman, Mrs. Pearl Pitman, and Horace Pitman.  Photo by Westveer.”

Fast forward 47 years, and apple butter time came around again.  The Mitchell County Historical Society’s Fourth Annual Apple Butter Festival was Saturday, October 21, from 10 AM to 4 PM.  A record crowd came out to watch MCHS Board Members “stir the big pot” and purchased fresh apple butter to enjoy or give as gifts.  It was a great day of music, food, and crafts vendors on the Creek Walk in Bakersville, and plans are to do it again on October 13, 2018.