Sometime in the 1930s, William H. and Louisa Emma Gouge, of Glen Ayre, were photographed surrounded by their 9 sons and 1 daughter.  William Gouge (1860-1938) was the son of Wiley and Millie Greene Gouge; his wife Louisa Emma Hughes (1865-1952), was the daughter of William Hughes and Esther Young. 

Seated in front of the couple are their sons were Ratha (1883-1963), James (b. 1897), and Herbie (1885-1968).  Standing behind them, left to right, are Kary Lorenzo (b. 1903), Joseph Orlando (1905-1996), Wiley (b. 1889), William Otis (1894-1985), Esse Quam Videre aka “Essie” (1901-1982), and Avery (1887-1965).  Standing in the center is Tempie Gouge Burleson (1899-1980), the only daughter.

Family members recall a bit about some of the Gouge brothers.  Wiley and Ratha moved to Oregon, while Avery moved to Robbinsville, NC, and was a cook there.  Kary worked for the Clinchfield Railroad, and Essie taught school.  Both Herbie and Bill farmed, Herbie on Roan Mountain and Bill on a Dairy Farm. 

The photo was provided by Anne and Phil Castro; Phil is the grandson of Herbie Gouge.