Young ladies have always enjoyed dressing in their finest when they go out with friends.  Hats may not be the height of fashion these days, but they were just that a century or so ago!  Also stylish were the high-necked, long-sleeved white shirtwaists (blouses) three of the girls wear tucked into belted skirts.  Prints and lighter colors were common for everyday attire, but dressier clothing was almost always black, navy, or brown.

From left to right, the girls are Bessie McKinney (1891-1954), Bertie Wilson (1890-1974), Hassie Haney (born 1893), and Lou Wilson (1892-1997).  Bertie and Lou were the daughters of Reuben M. and Emma Young Wilson.  Bertie married Zeb Buchanan, while Lou married Ed Conley.

In 1913, these four friends from the Cane Creek area of Mitchell County were no doubt pleased to be photographed in their fashionable finery.