Slowing Down and Smelling The Roses

The Corona Times – March 27, 2020

by Brandon Pittman

Photo of Brandon Pittman wearing a mask

It has been three or four weeks since the Covid-19 cases first started appearing in the United States.  As of this afternoon 03/27/2020 the US total confirmed is 94,238 according to John Hopkins University.  As of this week the United States leads the world in the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases.  My immediate family are fairly young and healthy so while we are concerned, we don’t feel that we are in the high-risk demographic.  I worry about my older friends and family.   I have tried to limit my interaction as much as possible, with exceptions of trips to the grocery stores, and when work dictates my interaction.  I rushed to sell off my remaining inventory in car sales, as I worried about declining sales in the upcoming months.  It’s been interesting doing business as handshakes are no longer the method for sealing the deal.  When I feel like I have been in a high-risk area I have worn my only remaining N95 mask, my rain jacket with hood, and reusable rubber gloves. I recently finished some sheetrock in my house and had a single mask remaining.   Upon returning I have been sanitizing these with disinfectant.  I have heard conflicting reports whether Lysol can even kill this virus.   I am thankful to be currently sold out of inventory as we now have our first confirmed case in Mitchell County.  I personally believe we probably have many more undiagnosed.  As a teacher I have been contacting my students by phone and via the web.  I am assigning virtual assignments and attending virtual meetings.  I feel bad for our county’s kindergarteners, 8th graders, and our seniors, as these are milestone years for them, and they are missing a large part of the wonderful experience.  I have been quiet on my Facebook account.  There seems to be so much conflicting information and rumors out there, that I don’t want to encourage people to do the wrong thing.   On a more positive note, I have really enjoyed spending more time walking in my neighborhood in the evenings with my wife, and spending quality time with my two sons.

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About the Numbers

You will note a series of numbers contained in the blog. They document the spread of virus through confirmed cases by the federal Centers for Disease Control and by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. These are the official totals provided by state and local government at the date of the post and do not include estimates or cases not confirmed by these agencies. This is our effort to provide an accurate gauge of confirmed virus spread as it continues during the pandemic.


Cases in North Carolina


Cases in Western North Carolina


Deaths in North Carolina


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Deaths in the United States

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