At Peace with the Situation

The Corona Times – March 19, 2020

by Germaine Galjour

Germaine Galjour is Reiki Master/Teacher, Artist, QHHT Practitioner, CNA, Beekeeper, Journalist, and MCHS Board Member

Photo of Germaine Galjour at the Celo Sanctuary

Germaine Galjour

I’ll take a quote from Amma, known to the world as The Hugging Saint: Where there is Love there is no boredom.

So I’ll start there.  I’m not bored.  I’m not even stir crazy.  I’m eating too much comfort food and way too much sweets, but I love it.  I love caring for my beehives and planting seeds for a summer garden that will feed the bees with blooms and nectar for their honey making.  Occasionally I’ll paint something or listen to soothing music.  And above all, meditation is the “self-medication” that has dissolved the fear porn and “info-demic” slant of the media.

It’s been said that our electromagnet bodies will recharge by walking in nature for 1/2 hour per day, it will rebalance the psyche to reduce stress, worry, anxiety, and fear. 

All these things I’ve been experiencing/doing to keep a good hold on our current local limitations, however, the imagination can take us anywhere we want to go to experience a deeper meaning to our lives no matter how full we thought we were before this shut down.  Can we shut down Love?  No way.

Photo of Germaine Galjour Stirring Apple Butter

Germaine at the Apple Butter Festival

Finding the Creator is easy, we just need to seek to find.  I have no other point of reference to weigh what I don’t have because even now I am grateful for this present moment…it is the gift, the present wrapped in a bow.  

I’m not here on the grandstand or preaching, I’m really sharing what I’m going through now, and it’s not bad.  It has relaxed me.  

Surrendering and embracing this time is what I feel we’re being asked to do by a Higher Power, known or unknown.  I know there’s a lot of confusion and insecurity out there to surround this virus, but this will pass, and we will discover what it all means – hopefully, a better place to be?  Leaving politics out of it I’ll end here, and expect a better, clearer lifestyle for time to come.

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