Mitchell High Graduation 2020

The Corona Times – June 9, 2020

by David Biddix

One of the more amazing events arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic was the graduation of the Class of 2020 of Mitchell High School. Held at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 6th at Lavonia Crest in the Glen Ayre Community north of Bakersville, the ceremony was beautiful and dignified. It honored a class that was born into the world of 9/11, lived through the Great Recession of 2008 and the associated spikes in gasoline prices that limited class trips, and now is dealing with both the pandemic and the civil unrest associated with the Black Lives Matter movement that is protesting racism and the treatment of African-Americans by police. This group has lived through a lot of momentous events in their lifetimes.

The graduation was preceded by a parade/motorcade that wound its way from Spruce Pine and Bakersville to Lavonia Crest. Here’s a slideshow of the day, mainly featuring the trip from Spruce Pine to the ceremony along with a video of a portion of the fireworks display that concluded the ceremony. I wish I could have included photos of all those along the route who turned out to cheer them on to Lavonia Crest, but poor quality of some images have forced me to edit the photos. But, thank you to everyone who took time out June 6 to congratulate our graduates. They appreciated you taking the time to share the joy of the day with them. I also included just a few shots from the ceremony as I had a son graduating that night.

It is my hope that others will share photos and videos of the graduation to include on this post. Please send them to and we will include them in our archive.

NOTE: We are trying to note businesses that have re-opened or began operations during the pandemic. Burger King in Spruce Pine returned to business operations on Monday, June 1 with drive-through service, while other restaurants in the region began modified operations where sit-down diners were welcomed again. Dollar Tree opened for business in the Spruce Pine Shopping Center on Thursday, June 4. Do you know of other businesses that have re-opened? Please let us know: and we will post the information on future Corona Times entries.

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