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Overmountain Victory Historic Trail Presentation is June 17

The Overmountain Victory Historic Trail is a 330 mile route through Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina that traces the path taken by the Overmountain Men, the famous militia that defeated the British and their leader Patrick Ferguson at the Battle of Kings Mountain on October 7, 1780. Starli McDowell, Executive Director of the Toe River Watershed Partnership, will discuss the trail and the plans to construct a section that will connect Spruce Pine to Lake James at our June presentation. It will be held June 17th at 7:00 the Historic Mitchell County Courthouse in Bakersville. Admission is free and we invite all to attend.

Learn more about the Overmountain Victory Historic Trail and about the Battle of Kings Mountain.

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Interesting stories


This Mitchell County community in southern Mitchell County lies along Brushy Creek. The name comes from an Indian Princess who fell in love with a brave from a rival tribe. Because their love would never be accepted by either’s families, they jumped from a precipice...

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Significant Individuals

Three Baptist Preachers

Three Baptist Preachers

Charles Arnold Carpenter was born 7/1/1898 and died 9/26/1980.  He was the son of Henry F. and Dona Willis Carpenter; his wife was Agnes Gunter, and they had 6 children.  Rev. Carpenter was pastor at Beaver Creek and Hall’s Chapel Baptist Churches.  He was...

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Happenings of note

Mitchell County’s Reverend Stephen Morgan Greene

Mitchell County’s Reverend Stephen Morgan Greene

Stephen Morgan Greene was born March 22, 1838, to Joseph S. and Mary “Polly” Collis Greene in the Greene Cove area on Cane Creek, Yancey County at the time and now Mitchell. He was named Stephen Morgan after his uncle Rev. Stephen Morgan Collis, his mother’s brother....

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Unique locales in Mitchell County

Roan Mountain

Mitchell County’s most famous mountain straddles the Tennessee border at an elevation of 6,200 feet above sea level. It was probably named for its roan color when seen from a distance when the rhododendron are in bloom. Legend, however has it, that it was named for...

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These define Mitchell County

The Evolution of Bakersville’s Blevins Building

The modest, but well-constructed building known by various names, beginning with “the Blevins Building,” has served the Town of Bakersville and its people for decades.  The name by which locals often call the structure comes from original owner...

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Making a living in Mitchell County

The Little Boxes before the Big Boxes

The Little Boxes before the Big Boxes

Before the days of the “big box” chain stores, Spruce Pine had many “mom and pop” grocery stores that served the area. There were also many smaller stores in almost every community. There was even a branch of the Dixie Home Store on Lower Street for several years that...

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