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The Mitchell County Historical Society presents programs for the general public on topics of historical interest. In an effort to increase the availability of these programs, we are posting video recordings of the programs. You can access our YouTube Channel or watch the videos below by clicking or tapping on the image.

The 2017 Programs

Photo of the Old Kona Baptist Church, site of Charlie Silver's GravesFrankie & Charlie Silver Presentation

Here are videos associated with the special presentation on Frankie and Charlie Silver, held Monday, June 19 at the Old Kona Baptist Church in Kona, NC. In addition to John Silver’s presentation, you will find related videos that tell the Frankie and Charlie story in different ways.

Click or tap on a video to view it on this page. You can also use the controls to expand the video to fill your screen.

The Frankie & Charlie Silver Story

John Silver
June 19, 2017 • Old Kona Baptist Church, Kona, NC

John Silver discusses his famous ancestors in a presentation at the Old Kona Baptist Church, a part of the 2017 series by the Mitchell County Historical Society.

The Frankie Silver Story

Theresa E. Phillips
Legacy Films Limited

This is the video that John Silver was going to share at the church but was unable to show. The video was produced in 2000 and includes dramatic performances courtesy of theater students at Mars Hill College

Frankie & Charlie: Put A Stop To It

Ali Randolph & Outta Luck Band

A music video by Yancey County native Ali Randolph recorded at the Old Kona Baptist Church with a modern-day spin on the Frankie and Charlie Silver story.

The Uncut Story of Frankie Silver

Bobby McMillon

Storyteller Bobby McMillon shares his version of the Frankie and Charlie Silver story.

Mitchell County: Early Crossroads of Culture

Dr. Dan Barron, Presenter
April 17, 2017
Historic Mitchell County Courthouse

Dr. Dan Barron Presentation

Dr. Barron’s presentation is available for viewing below

Fort San Juan:
Spain’s Failed Appalachian Outpost

If you’d like to learn more about Spain’s early colonies in interior America, Mitchell County student Amanda Biddix produced this short video with information on the Spanish and Fort San Juan as part of National History Day in 2013.

2017 History Bee

April 6, 2017
Historic Mitchell County Courthouse

The 2016 Programs

World War I & the Soldiers
of the Toe River Valley

Dr. Lloyd Bailey

The Railroads of
the Toe River Valley

Warren Harding

Mountain Church Music
in the Toe River Valley

Rhonda Gouge

The Penland Post Office

Alicia Swaringen

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