2019 Videos

Scotland: Where WE Came From…
Or Did WE Really Ever Leave

Alex Glover
April 15, 2019 • Historic Mitchell County Courthouse, Bakersville, NC

Geologist Alex Glover presents a tour of Scotland, demonstrating the growing evidence that the Highlands of that country are geologically related to the Appalachian Mountains. This is the first presentation in the 2019 season for the Mitchell County, North Carolina Historical Society.

The Red & White Strings:
Isaac English & The Civil War

Jonathan Bennett & David Biddix
May 20, 2019 • English Inn, Spruce Pine, NC

Jonathan Bennett and David Biddix present a Civil War story, a tale of intrigue centering around 4 Union officers who escaped from a Confederate prison camp in Columbia, South Carolina. The quartet spent 56 harrowing days getting back to the friendly lines of Colonel George Kirk in East Tennessee in the winter of 1864. It is also the story of Mitchell County residents Isaac and Alice English and their efforts to assist these officers with their escape to safety. Andrew Benson of Maine, James Gere and Horace Walpole of Syracuse, New York, and Henry Correll of Vermont defied all odds and made their successful escape, later debriefing with President Abraham Lincoln just months before he was assassinated.